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CHARGE Education Project

CHARGE is a project of ASTT(e)Q that aims to empower trans people to be frontline educators in making social change for our communities. Join us for hands-on trainings, where you can learn to be an educator and to lead workshops that respond to the needs of our community. Topics covered in the trainings include Trans 101, Public Speaking , Facilitation Skills and Leadership Skills. From engaging health care providers to be stronger allies, to transforming shelters to be inclusive of trans people, you can be part of building a stronger community support network and educating to make change happen. Together, we will create a broader awareness of trans realities and break down barriers to health and dignity.

GET INVOLVED! Come to one of our bilingual introductory sessions at ASTT(e)Q. Participants will receive an honorarium of $80 ($20/class) for their involvement. If you have any particular needs related to access, including childcare, please let us know, we will do our best to accommodate you.

For more information:
Tel. 514.847.0067 ext. 207


Taking Charge Resource Project

There are very few resources out there for trans people! Furthermore, there is a lack or trans-specific resources that are created by trans people. Taking Charge is a resource project aimed at creating pertinent print and web resources that are geared both towards health care and social service providers who work with trans people, and trans people accessing health and social services. You can get involved by participating in a consultation committee, doing research, making artwork for the guides and websites, and promoting and distributing the resources. Visit to see the finished guides!



While many people choose to get involved with ASTT(e)Q through CHARGE, you can also volunteer your time at Monday night drop-in. We are looking for volunteers to help with:

a) Programming: Do you have an idea for a workshop or activity that you’d like to propose and/or organize? Get in touch and let us know.

b) Whisper translation & interpretation for people who are hard of hearing and Deaf: There is a wide variety of languages spoken by participants at Monday night drop-in. If you are fluent in more than one language, and would be interested in translation, this would greatly facilitate everyone’s ability to participate in the discussions and activities. As well, we need volunteers who can accommodate different interpretation needs.

c) Cooking: We are always looking for people to help prepare snacks as well as full meals for our community dinners on the first Monday of every month.

More generally at ASTT(e)Q we are looking for volunteers to participate in:

Translation: We are always interested in finding people to help with translation (especially in English, French, Spanish and Arabic) of documents and promotional materials, in order to make our resources and services more widely accessible.

Promotion: Take our promotional materials and distribute them amongst your communities. Whether it’s distributing our general ASTT(e)Q flyers to your friends, handing out our trans health guidebooks (see Taking Charge at to your doctor, or postering for our events, we need you to help us get the word out there!

Media relations: ASTT(e)Q often gets media calls for interviews on trans issues. If you would be interested in being a media liaison for ASTT(e)Q, get in touch, and we will put you on our list of media contacts for interviews!